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iFactorAnalysis App
The Ultimate Factor Analysis App

The iFactorAnalysis App

The First Comprehensive Factor Analysis / Principal Component Analysis App

iFactorAnalysis is an advanced multivariate statistical package for performing comprehensive exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and principal component analysis (PCA) on datasets of any practical size. The app can be used as valuable research and educational tool for educators, students, researchers and practitioners in almost any discipline from social & behavioural sciences such as sociology and psychology to physical sciences such as chemistry, geology, biology etc. The app is packed with built-in advanced features, not available on main-stream commercial packages, such as factor retention techniques including variants of Horn’s parallel analysis (PA) and variants of Velicer’s Minimum Average Partials (MAP). See iFactorAnalysis features for details

The App is Your Ultimate EFA/PCA Tool
Create Your Data Set
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Analyze Factors & Components

iFactorAnalysis The Ultimate Tool



The app is packed with advanced factor analysis  techniques, not found even on the most popular commercial packages on the market.



IFactorAnalysis is designed & developed  as a research quality tool, thus no compromise was made regarding exploratory factor analysis & principal component analysis features.


High Performance

High performance efficient algorithms are used throughout to ensure optimum speed, even for the most computationally demanding features.


Interactive & User-Friendly

The app is fully interactive, thus allowing the user to experiment with different options and settings. This is a great feature for research as well as education.


Main Features

Here are some of the advanced features of the new iFactorAnalysis app

Advanced Factor Retention

iFactorAnalysis app is equiped with built-in advanced factor retention methods including variants of Horn’s Parallel Analysis (PA) and variants of Velicer’s Minimum Average Partials (MAP).
For example, Parallel Analysis, configurable for up to 10,000 random-generated datasets, can be generated, archived and simulated eigenvalues based on various averaging criteria such as mean, median (0.5 quartile), 0.75, 0.90, 0.95 quartiles, can be analyzed and plotted along with real eigenvalues.

Advanced Factor Rotation

iFactorAnalysis app has a plethora of factor rotation methods including orthogonal rotations such as Varimax, Orthomax, Quartimax and non-orthogonal (oblique) rotations such as direct oblimin.
Rotations can be configured at the project level, or can be analyzed interactively, allowing user to experiment with different rotations methods and parameters and display full textual & graphical output, including the rotation matrix used in transformation.

Factor Scores Computations

iFactorAnalysis app includes factor scores methods ranging from the default Thurstone’s regression method (default method in most statistical packages) to the advanced Bartlett’s method and the sophisticated Anderson-Rubin method.
Factor scores can be configured at the project level, or can be analyzed interactively, allowing user to experiment with different factor scores methods and parameters as well as different rotations.

Extensive Feasibility Tests

iFactorAnalysis app provides several state-of-the-art factor feasibility tests such as the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) Sampling Adequacy test and the Bartlett’s Sphericity test.
The app also provide data consistency test such as the Cronbach’s α (alpha).


Download iFactorAnalysis App

The new iFactorAnalysis app will transform your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) into a sophisticated multivariate statistical tool for comprehensive exploratory factor analysis and principal component analysis. Whether you are an educator, student, researcher or a practitioner in any field that requires analysis & interpretation of complex datasets, this app will be your best companion.

The iFactorAnalysis app will be available in two editions.
If you are unfamiliar with iFactorAnalysis, you may try the Lite Edition for free..

Download iFactorAnalysis Pro Edition: (Available Now)

Download iFactorAnalysis Lite Edition:(Available Now)


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the iFactorAnalysis App. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us
How many editions are available for iFactorAnalysis?
Currently, iFactorAnalysis is published in two editions at the Apple App store, The full edition has all features currently available to do sophisticated factor analysis & principal component analysis for any reasonable-sized dataset. The lite (free) edition is provided to help get familiarity with factor analysis as a subject and get an idea about the advanced & comprehensive nature of the iFactorAnalysis app.
How long can I keep iFactorAnalysis?
Whether you have downloaded the lite or the full version, you may keep it and use it as long as you wish. No time restriction or subscription is need at this time.
How can I create iFactorAnalysis projects?
An iFactorAnalysis project consists of three parts, the project attributes such as title, brief description, the dataset, a table  of  rows & columns of numbers to be analyzed, and the project & output settings. All these can be created in the app using a user-friendly intiuitive interface. Alternatively it might be more convenient to prepare the project externally (ouside the app) on your favourite computer (Mac OS X, PC MS Windows or Linux)  using  your favourite text editor and a proprietary data format file template available from the iFactorAnalysis app. The resulting completed project file can be emailed to yourself and when opened in the device where iFactorAnalysis is installed, it get downloaded, validated & added automatically to your list of iFactorAnalysis projects.
What kind of output do I get from iFactorAnalysis?
The iFactorAnalysis app provides an extensive textual and graphic output. All can be configured to get as much or as little output as needed. Matrices, vectors & other  output in tabular form are meticulously formatted for elegant display.

Where appropriate, data can be visually presented as high-quality color-coded graphs. Output can be exported as pdf files.

Can I suggest or request new features ?
A software as sophisticated as iFactorAnalysis, requires contineous maintenance and improvements. We at Acurasoft, welcome any suggestions and ideas to be addressed in future releases. 
Is there a discount pricing of volume purchase for educational institutes?
Yes. There is a special volume discount for educational institutions. Please consult with Apple  for up-todate deals. 
Do I have to pay for regular bug fixes & updates?
No. All regular bug fixes and updates are provided free of charge to all app users. In most cases, updates are optional and it’s up to the user to keep his/her iFactorAnalysis app up to date, except when major changes in the underlying operating system (iOS) dictates forcefull updates. Please see our iFactorAnalysis app terms & conditions document for more details.

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